Kim Jocelyn Dickson (M.A. Princeton Theological Seminary; B.S. University of Missouri-Columbia), a parent, educator, writer, and lifelong lover of books, grew up doing all the things she would do in her adult life. She played school—somehow always getting to be the teacher!—read books, and loved to write. Books have always had a powerful influence on her, from inspiring her play as a child to inspiring her to become an author as an adult.

Kim is the author of The Invisible Toolbox: The Power of Reading to Your Child from Birth to Adolescence (Mango Publishing, 2020) and creator of, a website devoted to sharing why reading to a child from birth—or even before—is one of the most powerful and important gifts a parent can give. She has nearly thirty years of experience in the elementary school classroom, has taught in public and private schools in the east, Midwest, and west coast of the United States, and currently teaches literature and writing in an independent school in southern California. Kim speaks to audiences of adults as well as children about the importance of reading and its impact on our lives.

Kim has also written various articles in psychology, literature, biography, women’s issues, religion, and Gifts from the Spirit: Reflections on the Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, a collection of reflective essays on the beloved author of Gift from the Sea. 

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